On Writing: Lousy Finds from an LFL

Photo by Jacqueline Smith on Pexels.com In the last three weeks, I have read three books by three famous authors, and all three were very disappointing. The last one, in fact, disappointed me so much that after I read the last page, I stood up and chunked it across the room. Before the bibliophiles hunt… Continue reading On Writing: Lousy Finds from an LFL

On Writing: Creating Content

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Once upon a time, I ceded control of a project to someone whom I believed would do a better job. This was a social media project that involved, like most social media projects, good lighting, catchy hashtags, and good-looking people making looking good look effortless. And while I didn't hate… Continue reading On Writing: Creating Content

Memories of a Boy Named Greg

Photo by Pexels User on Pexels.com During my semester of student teaching, I had several students who caused me more than a small amount of stress. There was Heather, who absolutely hated everything about me and would never do anything I asked her to do. John, who would deliberately get into arguments with other students… Continue reading Memories of a Boy Named Greg

On Reading: Can You Handle the Suspense?

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com We are post-Thanksgiving, so it is now officially okay to discuss the upcoming holidays. Whatever your religious persuasion may or may not be, this month is probably going to send waves of stress crashing over you, followed by undertows of guilt. Why oh why did I have to pick… Continue reading On Reading: Can You Handle the Suspense?