How I Met My Husband

Photo by Vlad Cheu021ban on Let me tell you a story. It starts 16 years ago with a turtle and a trip to Target. I went to college 100% on student loans. Even my apartment rent, food, and utilities were paid for through loans. So when I got my check at the beginning of… Continue reading How I Met My Husband

Cleaning Day

Photo by cottonbro on Saturday mornings in my house mean one thing: Cleaning Day has begun. I have kids and cats, so every day is Cleaning Day to some extent, but Saturdays are for getting into the corners, behind the furniture, moving appliances, on my hands and knees, Don't-Bother-Me-Can't-You-See-I'm-Busy-If-You-Can't-Find-Something-To-Do-So-Help-Me-You-Can-Get-Down-Here-With-Me, THAT kind of cleaning. My favorite part… Continue reading Cleaning Day