To the Woman Hiding in the Bathroom Stall

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on I have been you, many times in my life When I had no one to eat lunch with at my new junior high When I wanted to prove to myself that I was a rebel and I could smoke my step-mom's stolen cigarettes in the Band Hall bathroom When… Continue reading To the Woman Hiding in the Bathroom Stall

Abandoned Spiderweb Still Catches Flies

Photo by Pixabay on I only think of you at times when I am too far away to do anything about you - The abandoned spiderweb stretched like a hammock between my ceiling and a door I never close. Sometimes on my way to the kitchen I look up and I see you've caught… Continue reading Abandoned Spiderweb Still Catches Flies

Ode to a Cold Toilet Seat

Photo by Izzy Villa on My daughter’s hair is slithering down my throat Her flannel nightgown is making me hot, and I’m pretty sure she just farted on me I gently grasp her around her rib cage, about the same width as a rotisserie chicken, and move her a few inches away, but she… Continue reading Ode to a Cold Toilet Seat

Death of an Idol

Photo by Jonathan Borba on You were just like a treeA sequoia, strong and tallI looked up to you,So tall I couldn’t see where you endedAnd the sky began I always felt weak beside youLike a mushroom growing in your shadeSitting on your rootsBenefiting from your strength When you said,“It’s sunny,”I trusted you,Even though… Continue reading Death of an Idol