The Hokey Pokey

One of the best, and sometimes the worst, things about being a writer is having a very active imagination. How often do you meet someone for the first time, or overhear a piece of a conversation, and immediately withdraw from the world around you to concoct a story or poem in your mind? This happened to me… Continue reading The Hokey Pokey

Why Wait?

Be honest – how many of you are keeping to your News Year Resolutions? If you’ve already quit, don’t worry – I’m not judging. I didn’t set a single one. Oh, there’s definitely room for improvement. I’ve got some pretty lazy habits. Some hard-to-ignore personality quirks that are only going to get worse and worse… Continue reading Why Wait?

No Strangers Here

It’s an amazingly small world we live in, isn’t it? If you didn’t know it before, just hop on Facebook and go through all your friends to see which mutual friends you share. It’s ok; it’s Facebook – if you’re not snooping on people, you’re doing it wrong. Thanks to Facebook, I know that a… Continue reading No Strangers Here


I am proud to say that I am a quitter. Two years ago I made the decision to not buy another pack of cigarettes, a few months after that, I began to see an improvement in my breathing, and just recently I began to actually like that I made this decision. I had my first… Continue reading Quitting


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