Channeling Julie Andrews

With the foreseeable forecast being nothing but rain, rain, storms, and rain, I think I’ll take some time to reflect upon all the things in life that bring me joy. Things like: When my feet stick to the tub when I first get in the shower, and then I lift them up one by one… Continue reading Channeling Julie Andrews

Is Writing Your Passion? Really?

Originally posted on Pointless Overthinking:
Tell The Truth To Yourself, Not To Me (The image tells us that he’s a developer. But let’s assume he’s a writer.) I’m going to ask you this one question: Is writing authentically your passion? Understanding passion Long ago, I was in doubt. Is writing actually my dream? Is it what…

Just One More Thing…

It’s Friday night and I have had a very productive, very looong week. The last thing on my ToDo list was to write something for this blog, and then I’d be free to lounge on the couch while eating something I didn’t need to eat and watching something I’d seen 100 times before. But first… Continue reading Just One More Thing…

Neologisms for this day of fools

Irony, adj. Behaving like a heated, triangle-shaped hunk of metal. Ostracism, n – the worship of large, flightless birds Exposition, n. The precise location of a former lover. Flotilla, n – a naval unit of Mexican flat breads Protagonist, n. A person who supports the labeling of garments. Verb Tense, n. pl. What authors pack when they want to… Continue reading Neologisms for this day of fools

Death of a Friendship

This week I shall tell you a tale of love…and woe. My story begins back in the 7th grade, when I met my best friend, Lisa. We were so close, one of us would spend the night at the other’s every weekend. We called each other’s mothers “Mom.” We shared a locker, clothes, even a… Continue reading Death of a Friendship

On Writing: Creating Content

Once upon a time, I ceded control of a project to someone whom I believed would do a better job. This was a social media project that involved, like most social media projects, good lighting, catchy hashtags, and good-looking people making looking good look effortless. And while I didn’t hate being in charge of this… Continue reading On Writing: Creating Content


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