Little White Lies

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on Craig suppressed a gag as Martha set the plate of broccoli casserole, her “specialty,” in front of him. “I made your favorite,” she smiled. “And there’s plenty more in the kitchen.” “You shouldn’t have,” he said, subtly leaning to the side so as to avoid the hot aroma wafting… Continue reading Little White Lies

Property of Nicholas Plath

Photo by Pixabay on Sylvia Plath knew she was doomed as soon as she opened her mother’s birthday present. It was going to be a book – her mother never gave her anything else – but this one was heavy. She pulled the newspaper wrapping away from the cover and read the title. “The… Continue reading Property of Nicholas Plath

Prompts Inspired by Photographs in Magazines

Photo by Inga Seliverstova on The room is dark and immediately hot. My neck starts to itch and sweat trickles through the baby hairs at my temples. The man on the couch is freezing, though. His blanket looks new, but it’s blue with yellow sunflowers: a donation. The couch is rubbed bare at the… Continue reading Prompts Inspired by Photographs in Magazines