To the Woman Hiding in the Bathroom Stall

I have been you, many times in my life

When I had no one to eat lunch with at my new junior high

When I wanted to prove to myself that I was a rebel and I could smoke my step-mom's stolen cigarettes in the Band Hall bathroom

When my best friend told me to get a ride with someone else because she was leaving the party with a boy wearing eye liner and chipped black nail polish

When I met a guy online and he convinced me to give him head in an Applebee's bathroom and as soon as it was over he called me a slut and walked away

When I took the pregnancy test right there in the Walgreens bathroom and it came back positive and I was 2000 miles away from home and living in my car

So I have been you, woman.

I see your feet rocking from side to side as you wait for me to leave

I know how safe you feel right now

I know how you dread returning to the outside world

And I wish you luck.
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