On Writing: Creating Content

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Once upon a time, I ceded control of a project to someone whom I believed would do a better job. This was a social media project that involved, like most social media projects, good lighting, catchy hashtags, and good-looking people making looking good look effortless. And while I didn’t hate being in charge of this project, I never felt confident with it, either. I’d put something together at least once a week, but social media and all this new-fangled technology is just not my thing. So I passed it on to someone else; someone young and hip and comfortable with the platform.

And that person dropped the ball. The project has stalled and I don’t know in what direction, if any, it’s headed.

When I was in high school (don’t worry, these stories are related), I knew this girl named Melissa, who neither disappointed nor impressed me. Melissa was just there, like the other 500-something kids in my class. Years later, my mother brought me copies of Melissa’s recently-published books and informed me that Melissa was now an author, and that she traveled around and gave speeches at schools and conferences.

What?? How did Melissa, boring old Melissa, manage to snag my dream job? Well the answer is quite simple: She wrote until she had a book, and then when she had a book, she hustled until she sold it. She set her mind to a task, and she worked at it until it was accomplished. She didn’t give up or get lazy. She didn’t talk herself out of it because she wasn’t the best in her field. She had the confidence to create something and share it with others.

To say the least, I was not excellent at the helm of the social media project, but I was at least in the range of ok-to-good. More importantly, I regularly produced something, which, when compared to nothing at all, actually looks like a whole lot.

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