Just One More Thing…

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It’s Friday night and I have had a very productive, very looong week. The last thing on my ToDo list was to write something for this blog, and then I’d be free to lounge on the couch while eating something I didn’t need to eat and watching something I’d seen 100 times before.

But first I needed to do the dishes.

Now, because it had been a very long day already, I told myself that all I was going to do was fill the dishwasher, and whatever dishes were left over were just going to sit in the sink until tomorrow. But there were knives to hand-wash and I didn’t want to leave them dirty because we use them every single day. So I washed those, too. And while the sponge was full of soap, I decided I’d also wash the china bowls. And by that time, the pan I’d left to soak was ready to hand-wash, as well.

I told myself that was it. I had other things I wanted to do! But how long would it take me really if I just went ahead and wiped down the counters? Just a minute, right? So I went ahead and did that. And of course I got the coffee ready for tomorrow so that my husband wouldn’t have to do it in the morning. As I was throwing out the grounds from earlier, I realized the trash needed to go out. But I had told myself that I was going to clean the cat boxes today so that I could take it all out with the trash, so now I needed to clean the cat boxes. And of course, after the cat boxes get cleaned, there’s always litter scattered around, so now I needed to vacuum. And if I was vacuuming the mudroom, I might as well make a left turn and vacuum the living room, too. But before I could vacuum the living room, it needed to be picked up. While I was shoving board games and markers back inside the toy chest, I found my daughter’s dirty socks and that reminded me I needed to get her laundry going tonight because she was plumb out of clean clothes to wear, so I took her laundry basket to the laundry room and got a load in the washer and then I realized the little trashcan in there needed to be taken out, so that got me back to the kitchen trash, so I took that out to the street can outside, and now I can finally sit down and write this little blog post, just as soon as I think of something to write about.

I may have lost my mind this week. Tell me if you find it anywhere at Kate@KateLanders.com.