Channeling Julie Andrews

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With the foreseeable forecast being nothing but rain, rain, storms, and rain, I think I’ll take some time to reflect upon all the things in life that bring me joy. Things like:

When my feet stick to the tub when I first get in the shower, and then I lift them up one by one and feel the warm water rush under my soles.

When I get into a friend’s car and they have to move a bunch of stuff around to the back seat to fit me in. They’re making space for me in their crowded life, and it makes me feel welcome.

When I fall asleep on the couch at night and my husband says, “I’ll come back for you,” then gives me a few more minutes to sleep before waking me up again. It’s like hitting snooze so I can muster up the energy to get up and brush my teeth.

Leaving the windows open at night.

Bike rides on the Greenway.

How downtown overflows with pedestrians on warm winter days.

Frisbee players in the park.

Watching movies and popping popcorn with my kids on rainy days. Especially if it’s a movie that I loved when I was their age.

Getting together with old friends who knew you way back when.

When the animals at the zoo take an interest in you.

Watching videos of lions, leopards, and other big cats playing with toys, purring, and otherwise acting like their smaller, domesticated cousins.

Visits home to Houston and eating nothing but BBQ and Tex-Mex all week.

Live music of any kind, even buskers with bagpipes.

Renaissance Faires.

When other people are excited about something and want to tell me about it. I don’t always share their enthusiasm for the subject, but I love watching people light up as they talk about their passion.

Lying in a hammock in the shade.

When someone recognizes the characters in my shoulder tattoo and then I get to talk to another Calvin and Hobbes fan for a while.

Tell me what’s on your “Raindrops on Roses/Whiskers on Kittens” list at