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Sometimes weird stuff just happens to you, you know? Here’s some weird things I can think of off the top of my head:

A couple years ago, I was sitting on a hill eating lunch with my family and we got to talking about four-leaf-clovers. I said, “You know, I have never found one.” Then I looked down and found one.

Twice, my brother and I had the same nightmare on the same night. He also says we shared a dream where we boxed each other, but I don’t remember that.

I woke up in a hotel once and saw the shadow of a figure walking on the wall. I called to it and it turned its head to me, then disappeared behind the dresser.

One night after a waitressing shift, my coworkers and I were drinking margaritas in the little wooded area behind the restaurant. I’d knocked back a few and was feeling pretty good, when I looked over and saw a Longhorn about fifteen feet away, walking straight toward me. I screamed and a little old cowboy popped up from behind and started apologizing for scaring me. He said he was just walking his cow around to get her some exercise.

On a family vacation one year, I ran into my best friend at an amusement park 1300 miles from home.

My boyfriend and I were watching the movie Magnolia. Near the end, there’s a scene where frogs fall from the sky. My boyfriend scoffed and said, “That couldn’t happen.” Immediately these words appeared on the screen: But it DID happen.

Tell me about your strange coincidences, dreams that came true, and déjà vus at Kate@KateLanders.com.

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