Writing goals? What are those?

As you may have noticed, I am terrible at keeping up with a blog. I have heard over and over again that the most successful bloggers update at least once a week (and some even every day!!). I subscribe to a blogger who posts every single day. His posts are always interesting and informative, but you know what? I only read them about once a week.

If I don’t care enough to read someone’s else’s daily thoughts, I certainly don’t expect other people to care about mine. What could I possibly write that would be interesting enough for someone to want to check in with me every single day?

So why do I even bother with this blog?

Well, I guess there’s a few reasons. One is because it seems there’s no way to have even a modicum of success as a published author unless you’ve got a social media presence. These blogs are automatically cross-posted to Twitter, but other than that, I’ve stopped using that platform. I make TikToks from time to time, but they’re all skating-related and honestly there’s been a draft about how to clean your wheels waiting to be finished for like four months. So that’s an indication of how often I post there. I don’t even know what the point of Snapchat is and I feel like all the rest of the newer social media apps have such weird names and functions that I’m paranoid Gen Z is just making stuff up to mess with us aging Millennials now. A WordPress blog is my comfort zone. It’s writing in complete sentences, and I don’t even have to include an image if I don’t want to.

Another reason is vanity.

Yes, I do want to have a piece of me remain in this world after I’m gone. Read my words, my children, and connect with my spirit. Here your mother once sat, and from her fingertips were borne her thoughts made physical. Or something philosophical I don’t know. God forbid they ever read my diary, but since I write this blog with an audience of elderly relations, professional acquaintances, and potential literary benefactors in mind, I feel comfortable with the thought that one day my children may google their mother’s name and find this piece of me here.

And, I suppose, I want to connect with other people.

When you read my writing, do you think, I bet we could be friends? Or, Dang, I’ve gone through that exact situation? Or perhaps, Oh thank god that happened to her and not me? I’ve convinced myself that people out there are thinking those things. So when I write a blog post, it’s like having a one-sided conversation with a friend who is an excellent listener and absolutely agrees and relates to everything I have to say.

So while I may have started 2023 with the goal of getting back to writing one blog post a week, I think I may have to accept that that’s just not going to happen. I think about writing a blog post fairly often and I’ve got all sorts of ideas when I’m cooking dinner, exercising, shopping, and driving in my car. But when I actually sit down at my computer, there’s all these opened tabs that need my attention. Or the passion behind my idea has muted and it no longer seems important to write about it. Anyway, I’ll keep writing, however sporadically. And if you’re still here, thank you for reading.

4 responses to “Writing goals? What are those?”

  1. Maybe finding answers (even if those answers may be questions) to questions (like the ones you ask) can be goals. Also, what you write are things that I also think about and have experienced.


    1. It’s nice to feel connected in this wide world. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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  2. Hahaha, I can relate to vanity. I keep checking to see how many views, likes, and comments I have received, and this sets my mood for the day and is sometimes the reason for sleeping late because I might miss seeing that like or comment—much love.


    1. Yep, I feel ya. I’m the same. Thanks for reading!

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